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Top Ten Flooring Myths

#10 – The softer the carpet the better the carpet.

The quality of carpet is determined by the fiber content, density of fiber and twist.

A super soft polyester carpet is not better than the comparable nylon for durability. It is softer and possibly more color fast and likely cheaper but not “better.”

#9  – Berber is indestructible.

A busy household with pets and many children will challenge that statement. Berber is a very durable option for carpet but it is not indestructible.  You can damage it. Also, not all berbers are created equal.  There is a wide range in quality of berbers and the quality of your carpet will play a big part in its performance.  Many believe a nylon frieze is the most durable and best wearing  of carpets. But dollar for dollar berber is  a durable solution for carpeting.

#8 – Hardwood is bad in kitchens.

Hardwood is the perfect solution for kitchens adding to the beauty of a cozy space that invites families to linger and spend time together. It is softer underfoot than ceramic and much warmer. It is built to withstand high traffic. The problem with hardwood is that continuous exposure to water and spills will make hardwood floors warp and buckle.We recommend that If you have a spill or leak, clean it up immediately.  If warping does occur because of an unattended spill or leak damage boards could be replaced.

When selecting your hardwood floor for your kitchen the species of the wood should be considered.  Oak, ash and maple are a more durable option than pine, fir and cherry.

#7 – Laminate floors can go anywhere.

We recommend that you do not put a laminate floor in a bathroom.  Laminate flooring is thin rigid plastic on the top and bottom with a particle board core. If that gets wet (especially on the joints) it will swell and cause the seams to peak and crack out. If you want the look of wood in the bath there are much better options. Many manufacturers make beautiful Luxury Vinyl Tile/ Plank that looks very much like the real thing.  Stop in and let us show you our selection.

#6 – Ceramic tile grouting stains.

Grout is basically a concrete sponge.   It is usually dirty as opposed to stained but the dirt can be difficult to clean.  We recommend sealing your grout after installation.  We now  offer a wonderful new option which is a Urethane grout that is stain proof.  Please remember, that stain proof does not mean dirt proof. You still have to clean your grout to maintain its appearance.

#5 – Carpet shouldn’t get wet so dry cleaning is the best option.

Carpet manufacturers (ALL of them!) require hot water extraction cleaning by a certified technician in order to honor carpet warranties. These are not the steam cleaners you rent from the local store. FYI. The reasoning behind this is similar to the reaction that occurs to a cotton sweater that has been stretched out then washed and dried. It comes back to life! Carpet is the same way. The twist of the fiber is set like a chemical perm (for hair) and the fiber’s twist has a memory that responds to the high temps. Please read your warranty card for the exact requirements for your carpet. The general time frame to wait after installation and between cleanings is 18-24 months. Manufacturers will deny claims if this cleaning schedule is not maintained. Never dry clean your carpet and do not use bleach.(unless recommended by the manufacturer)

#4 – Loose carpets are going to wear out faster.

Nylon frieze carpet is the most durable due to the twist of the fiber. Most times these styles are quite “loose” and you can feel the backing of the carpet through the pile. Don’t let this fool you. You can have the beefiest feeling carpet made of staple yarn and not be able to get your fingers between the pile and it will not fare any better than its lesser weight tightly twisted cousin. A good twist on the yarn is the most important characteristic to look for  when choosing any plush carpet.

#3 – Carpet is not “green”.

The carpet industry has spent billions of dollars developing and researching renewable options for all types of flooring. We are pleased to report that carpet has seen so many changes recently in this area. Anso nylon carpets contain recycled content and are fully recyclable. SmartStrand carpets are made from corn making them “green” and polyester carpets are made from recycled plastic. There are many options for renewable floors in all product categories. We have details on all sorts of options to assist you in doing your part for the environment.

#2 – Measuring for carpet is easy. I have a room 10’ x 10’. That’s 100 square feet or 11.11 yards.

Because most carpets come 12 foot wide you will need to order 120 feet or a 10 x 12.  There are measuring assistance programs out there but they are designed only to give you a ballpark idea about the quantity you need.  We will gladly come out and measure for you ( at no charge) to avoid confusion about this. We are here to help!

#1 It doesn’t matter how good the carpeting is, if you put a good pad under it, it will last.

If you have a piece of low quality  carpet and you put a good pad under it, it will still be a low quality carpet. It will last slightly longer than if you didn’t use good padding but padding only helps so much. .The quality of your carpet directly effects its wearability.  It is better to upgrade the pile of your carpet that you walk directly on and use a decent pad.


Is there a charge for estimates?

Estimates are free.   We order product based on our measurement only.  We feel scheduling an estimate is necessary because this is a good time for our installer to view the sight to look for any unforeseen issues and for our customers to ask questions and review our installation procedures.

Do you bring samples out to your customers?

We do offer a shop at home service  at a customer’s requests but prefer that you stop by our store at least for the initial visit. We have SO MANY sample in our store we feel we would not be giving you our best service by only transporting a few to your home.

I have a sample from your store, what does your price include?

Our pricing for our residential carpet is priced per yard and it includes installation and our standard 6# padding. Other samples may not list the price so we will gladly give you separate installation fees and pricing at the time of our measurement on site. Please give us a call to schedule a free estimate.

Who is responsible for moving furniture ?

The customer is responsible for moving items off of their floors before the crew arrives to install the new floor. We will however gladly do this for you for a fee that should be discussed at the time of your estimate. If you later discover that you cannot move something by yourself please call us ahead of your installation date to avoid delays resulting from the installers being unprepared to help you move your furniture.

What about the old carpet and padding?

If you would like to remove the carpeting and pad and dispose of it that would be great. We will gladly do it for you but there is a charge for removal and disposal.

What do I have to do to my current floors before installation?

Each type of flooring is unique and may require different suggestions. Please contact our office for details.

What time do the installers usually arrive?

Our installers generally arrive between 8:30 and 9 am. They will arrive and be ready to install.

I am removing my own carpeting and pad. What do I do with the tack strips?

Please leave the tack strips in place. The installers will evaluate if they are damaged and replace the ones that cannot be used.

Where can I find maintenance/warranty information for my carpet?

Check out these links for each manufacturer. If you don’t see yours, send us an email and we will get you what you need.

Shaw carpets – Mohawk carpets – Beaulieu carpets – Stainmaster Carpets – Congoleum Products

Mannington Products: LaminatesLVTSobellaResilient

Armstrong Alterna – Shaw laminates

Someone tracked dirt in all over the carpet. What do I do?

Let it dry first. Try to blot up any liquid. Do not scrub. Vacuum any dried dirt out and then spot clean as recommended for the type of dirt. Most carpets are treated with something and using with a detergent will only complicate things later ( soap attracts dirt BTW.) Consult the manufacturer at the number listed on the maintenance agreement for specific instructions and solutions.

I damaged my floor!!! What does a repair cost?

We charge a minimum trip fee of $75 dollars. If your repair is more extensive, additional fees may result.

What is the difference between Pergo and laminate?

Pergo is the name of a company that sells laminate flooring, kind of like Kleenex is the name of a company that sells tissues.

What is the difference between linoleum and vinyl?

Vinyl is the new linoleum. Linoleum still exists but it has been replaced by the synthetic vinyl. Same concept vinyl in the category of resilient flooring linoleum, made from cork and linseed oil, is natural and much more expensive. Real linoleum has an “olde time” look as opposed to the stylish updated “manufactured” trends of vinyl which is less expensive and easier to install.

What is the difference between “Indoor/Outdoor” carpet and commercial carpet?

Indoor/outdoor carpet can be put outdoors. Other carpets cannot. Indoor/outdoor carpets are UV stable and can handle high moisture. Commercial carpet, though often confused with Indoor/outdoor carpet because of their similarity in design should not be put outside.

Sometimes people think they want indoor/outdoor carpet and really only need commercial carpet. If your area doesn’t get wet, either is fine but, if it does, only use indoor/outdoor carpeting.

Should I upgrade my padding or go with the standard?

Our standard is already an upgrade in the industry. That being said, it is not a bad pad, but the upgrades we offer really enhance the feel and performance of carpet. The denser the padding the more firm the carpet will feel. This is not as desirable to some as a really squooshy pad under their carpet. However, the denser the pad the more impact it can take as the denser pad absorbs the force of the traffic on the top and decreases pile crushing. Also, pads with a moisture blocker can minimize allergens from getting trapped in and  under the carpet and maximize the performance of your vacuum cleaner allowing it to function optimally. Additionally, they serve as a barrier for spills or “accidents” making them a real winner in houses with pets and kids.